#28: Jeff Goldblum confirmed for Resident Evil 8?!

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The Compendium of Discomfort feat. The Capcom Redemption Arc!
Following its E3 2018 announcement, the remake of 1998 horror classic Resident Evil 2 finally released in January 2019 – thus obligated to talk about it in as many episodes as possible with as many people as possible, Michael (young) and Niall (@DrShyGuy on Twitter), a longtime RE-fan, seized the opportunity to create the first English episode of the „Compendium of Discomfort“, talking in great lengths about the world’s possibly greatest zombies, Alien mouths inside Alien mouths, why knives and eyeballs tend not to be best friends (and why eyeballs might retaliate using their bile!) and, of course, about a certain hat-toting, trenchcoat-wearing friend.
Coats being the keyword here, as Capcom also released a second playable demo for Devil May Cry 5, which is also talked about in the episode (albeit not in the usual length as it’s still „only“ a demo) as there are probably going to be multiple podcast episodes on the full game, too.
So try not to get chewed on like tofu would, don’t grow any additional eyeballs (or any limbs, really), smash that Exceed-button and stop shooting poor Mr. X!

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00:00:01: Introduction and Devil May Cry 5 Demo

00:34:44: Resident Evil 2

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