#33: Metal Gear Rising 2 ft. Crew Cut

video game special

No chit-chat or monologue, just getting right to the point: DMC is back! And so is Niall, bringing along reinforcements and maybe the odd additional arm here and there. Together with Michael, they talk about what is a stand-out title in an already stand-out year – that being Devil May Cry 5, of course!
Rumoured to exist for quite a while, announced just last year during E3 2018 and with Hideaki Itsuno back on the director’s seat pronouncing it will „exceed our expectations“, this action title was sure to shake up our three hosts in more than one way, right? Well, you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out about that (Spoiler: of course it did). So lean back, use your sword like a motorcycle, your motorcycle like a sword and try not to think too much about the correlation of the letters M and V.

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